Clay Pigeon Shooting, Picnic in the forest, Barbecue, Gala dinner...

Description of Services

Luxury and Refinement

Intertwining the luxuries of the Chateau with a service of the highest order, every detail has been thought to make this weekend memorable. 

Clay Pigeon Shooting

Concentration and precision are essential requisites for clay pigeon shooting.

Your spouses and partners will be able to join you and participate in a lively competition to demonstrate their talent.

Picnic break

Put your guns down and relax for a country break with authentic Normandy cheese and country bread.

Barbecue in the forest

Come and enjoy a variety of grilled meats under the marquee in the heart of the forest where lunch is served on linen on grand wood tables.

Gala dinner in the Grand Library

Enjoy fine dining during unforgettable evenings.

Porcelain, crystal, silverware and candle-lit dinners at the Chateau recreate the splendor of the Marquis’ evenings of yesteryear.

The Chateau’s Grand Library is transformed into a stage for an elegant huntsman dinner where the game is given due honours, a timeless moment to be savoured like a fine wine...